Best Pixel Alternatives You Can Buy Right Now[2018]-Cheapest Price

Best Pixel Alternatives You Can Buy Right Now[2018]-Cheapest Price

New awesome google phone( pixel 2 xl) on trending right. And you want to get it? But when you look at the price , you will get astonized because you are not able to purchase such expensive mobile phone.

Yeah, it has lots of awesome features, but when you look up to price it even does not provide much services regarding with its price. There are some problems that many customers has faced while pixel 2 xl like blue color shifting and burn-in  issues in their display.

Other customer have also complained about a  clicking sound issue while making phone calls using the earpiece. SO, if problem like this is faced by a smartphones that costs above 800 bucks is not acceptable at all.

Best Pixel Alternatives You Can Buy Right Now[2018]-Cheapest Price.

So, if you are worried about the problem you would face in it, then we have listed you some best smartphones  with advanced features in it at worthy price. So, these are the smartphones that can be compared with pixel 2 XL with awesome features at affordable prices.

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This smartphone comes with awesome features in it ay affordable price that can be compared with pixel 2 xl. Here are its features;

  • 3 inch QHD + super Amoled display.
  • Resolution of 2960 * 1440.
  • 6 GB RAM for gaming, performance and multitasking.
  • Dual 12 MP camera with f/1.7 for primary lens.
  • 8 MP secondary camera.
  • 3300 mAh battery.

So, when you look up these, you can get Samsung galaxy note 8 just for 949.99 $.

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Apple recently launched its new phone( apple iphone X) that did not face any serious kind of problems in it. SO, it can be one of your alternative for pixel 2 xl. Its specification are;

  • 8 inch OLED display.
  • Resolution of 1125*2436 pixel.
  • Powered by Apple A11 Bionic chip.
  • 3 GB RAM for multitasking.
  • Dual 12 mp rear camera and.
  • 7 mp secondary camera.
  • 2716 mAh battery.
  • With the latest IOS 11.

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3)     Google pixel 2

The new google pixel 2 meets every condition that its senior pixel 2 xl has provided. So, this can also be one of your alternatives for pixel 2 xl with the specifications of:

  • 5-inch FULL HD AMOLED display.
  • Snapdragon 835 chip.
  • 2 MP primary camera and.
  • Secondary 8 MP camera.
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • 2700 mAh battery.

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4)     Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei mate 10 pro is the most advanced smartphone that Chinese Huawei manufacturer has offered right now. Its specifications are;

  • 6 inch- AMOLED Display.
  • Resolution of 2160*1080 pixels.
  • HISILICION Kirin 970 octacore processor.
  • 6 GB RAM to handle all kind of multitasking.
  • Dual 20+12 MP camera with leica optics.
  • Secondary 8 MP camera.
  • 4000 mAh battery.

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5)     Xiaomi MI MIX 2

This is the best smartphones in our list that comes with extra outstanding feature of fingerprint sensor which is awesome for your device security. And it might also be suitable at your budgets if you want to buy fully featured smartphone with low price. SO, lets get into its specification;

  • 99-inch IPS LCS BEZEL-less display.
  • Resolution of 1080*2160 pixels.
  • Powered by Snapdragon 835 Chip.
  • 8 GB RAM for multitasking And Gameplaying.
  • Primary 12 MP sensor camera.
  • Secondary 5 MP camera.
  • 3400 mAh battery.

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So, Hope you guys got to know about which phones are better for you tha google pixel 2 xl.

Note: If you buy them from the above link, you will get some amount of discount. CHEERS!!!.

And also if you guys want any products in cheap price then you can visit amazon store.

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